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Hundreds of retail stores, offices, and bar & diners order products quickly and easily online and get them delivered by our partnersdistributors, importers, and manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods at Promoto.bg, without having to make phone calls, wait in queues, dictate long lists, and then fix delivery errors.

Promoto.bg isn’t just a platform for online orders. It provides an innovative approach to retail trade, wherein manufacturers and wholesalers advertise their products in a new and effective way, thus reaching more customers.

Promoto.bg is the only digital B2B channel for FMCG advertising that targets retail stores, offices, and bar & diners.

At Promoto.bg, retailers such as retail stores and bar & diners can take advantage of exclusive promotions and special offers from manufacturers and importers.

Which businesses can place orders at Promoto.bg?

  • All Retail Stores, Bar & Diners, and offices can order through Promoto.bg free of charge

Retail Stores

  • Supermarket, Hypermarket (>301 sqm)
  • Very large store (100 – 300 sqm)
  • Large store (41 – 100 sqm
  • Small store (0 – 41 sqm)
  • Tobacco & Liquor Store
  • Kiosk, Pavilion, Stand
  • Gas Station
  • Green Grocer’s
  • Tobacco & Liquor

Hotels, Restaurants, Casinos 

  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Fast Food
  • Nightclub
  • Casino
  • Café 
  • Sweet Shop
  • Gym


  • Offices that need to order FMSG in bulk

Which businesses can receive orders through promoto.bg?

  • All Distributors, Manufacturers, Importers and other Wholesalers, which sell products in the following categories:


  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Spirits
  • Cider
  • Mineral Water
  • Spring Water
  • Carbonated Water
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Fruit juice
  • Ice Tea
  • Energy & Vitamin Drinks
  • Coffee, Tea, Cocoa 
  • Packaged and frozen foods, dairy products 
  • Flour and spices
  • Sunflower oil, olive oil, vinegar
  • Legumes
  • Canned food
  • Olives and salads
  • Sauces
  • Fixes, Soups, Prefabricated Food
  • Honey, tahini, and peanut butter 
  • Sweets
  • Cereals, cornflakes, and muesli 
  • Snacks & Chips
  • Ice Cream
  • Convenience foods
  • Vegetables and mixes
  • Fruit and mixes
  • Potatoes
  • Bakes
  • Desserts
  • Fish & Seafood 
  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Different types of cheese
  • Different Types of yellow cheese
  • Butter and Cream
  • Meat, fish, sausages and delicacies, bread and pastries
  • Chilled fish
  • Fresh meat
  • Mince
  • Sausages & Ground Meat Products
  • Fish specialties
  • Sous Vide
  • Lard & Bacon
  • Meat Jelly
  • Deli sausages
  • Fresh sausages
  • Dried sausages
  • Sliced sausages
  • Filet& Pastrami 
  • Ham & Processed bacon
  • Frankfurters and Debreceners 
  • Processed Sausages
  • Smoked meat
  • Pate 
  • Bread
  • Tortillas 
  • French bread, baguettes, and hamburger buns
  • Filo Pastry & Dough
  • Pastries
  • Pasta
  • Fresh Pasta
  • French bread, baguettes, and hamburger buns
  • Filo Pastry & Dough
  • Pastries
  • Pasta
  • Fresh Pasta

Cosmetics, drugstore items, household products

  • Hair
  • Face
  • Body
  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Oral care
  • Ladies’ cosmetics
  • Men’s cosmetics
  • Health and care
  • Accessories
  • Specialized cosmetics sets
  • Cleaning Products
  • Detergents 
  • Dishwashing products
  • Cleaning agents
  • Pet food

Bio, vegan, fitness products

  • Bio drinks
  • Bio foods
  • Vegan products
  • Gluten-free products
  • Lactose-free products
  • Dietary foods and beverages
  • Fitness 
  • Soy products & Nuts
  • Hemp products

How does Promoto.bg help FMSC merchants?

We have created a unique technological solution to meet the specific needs of the Bulgarian market. Our mission is to take commerce in Bulgaria to a new, more efficient level so that everyone could earn more.

Manufacturers’ benefits:

  • Better market coverage (higher numerical and weighed distribution)
  • Direct contact with their customers
  • Modern and effective presentation of their products
  • Launch targeted promotional campaigns at lower 
  • Higher effectiveness of their commercial representatives and distribution channels

Distributors’ benefits:

  • Higher effectiveness of their commercial teams
  • Better warehouse and customer service organization
  • More online orders mean fewer order collection and processing expenses
  • A modern way to manage a growing database of high-paying customers
  • Effective advertising of their business on a unique for Bulgaria commercial platform

Businesses’ benefits:

  • Time, convenience, and security. They can order goods from multiple warehouses quickly and easily whenever they want
  • Access to the latest products which they can order with a few mouse clicks
  • Access to multiple suppliers with a wide variety of quality products
  • Exclusive promotions, participation in incentive programs, and special offers directly from manufacturers
  • FREE access to the latest technology on the Bulgarian FMCG market.

We wish you a profitable business with Promoto.bg!

Hot offers from our partners

Promoto.bg is getting more and more popular every day, attracting more distributors, manufacturers, and retailers.

If you are unable to locate your business partner (Distributor or Manufacturer), you can email us their contact details at office@promoto.bg, and we will invite him to join the platform. Thank you!

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