B2B Ecommerce Marketplace

For distributorsDear distributors, we set up Promoto.bg for you because we have realized that:

  • You want to be able to reach out to more customers faster
  • You want to receive more online orders and make sales
  • You want to cut down expenses
  • You want higher revenues
  • You want to make higher profits

Promoto.bg is the new generation of wholesale

Reach more customers

Promoto.bg is used by hundreds of shops, restaurants and offices and their number is constantly increasing

Save costs

Orders are entered into the system by the customers and you do not need to visit them on the spot or talk with them by phone

Sell more products

In Promoto.bg you present your entire portfolio of products 24/7 online

Join now and explore the full potential of your sales!

1You set the delivery terms and conditions

2Receive online orders from customers

3Supply the ordered goods

1You set the delivery terms and conditions

  • Terms for delivery
  • Serviced areas
  • Working hours
  • Minimum order amount
  • Other conditions

2Receive online orders from customers

  • Receive system notifications sent to your inbox for every online order
  • Orders arrive in a preset format with your SKU codes
  • Option for integration with your platform and orders import

3Supply the ordered goods

  • Confirm orders that meet your conditions
  • You can reject orders if your conditions have not been met
  • You can send notifications to your customers